Spyder Venom

Only AU$ 30.00
per 300 ml bottle
  • High Quality
  • Special

“SPYDER VENOM” will treat up to 360 Litres in one easy application as it remains in suspension in the fuel.

  • Country of Origin: Australia
  • Usage: Fuel tank

Spyder Venom

"Spyder Venom" is a premium blend formulated exclusively for us; specifically to protect & enhance your engine's performance. Primarily designed to protect your older Porsche, it can be used in all petrol Makes & Models with the same outstanding results. "Spyder Venom" is a locally manufactured premium product; made in Australia for Australian petrol.

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Why buy this?

  • Raises Octane Level by 10 points average (MON)
  • Can be safely used in all petrol
  • Contains premium upper cylinder lubricants
  • Dissolves gum and varnish deposits
  • Decarbonizes combustion chambers
  • Neutralises acid in high sulphur fuels
  • Stops fuel from ageing
  • Cleans fuel and return lines and reduces corrosion
  • Improves fuel economy and power
  • No messy measuring
  • Contains under 20Oppm hydrocarbons - safe for your cars fuel pump
  • Is non-combustible
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