We are the sole authorised Nickies™ dealer & LN Engineering distributor for Australia & NZ

Nickies Cylinders


Think outside the box. We did: Nickies.

We are proud to be associated with LN Engineering, a leader in the Porsche aftermarket for high performance products & services & producer of the trademarked Nickies cylinders for aircooled Porsches.

We purchased our first set of Nickies™ & Custom JE Pistons several years ago for a customer project. We were so impressed by the product we secured the sole agency for Australia & New Zealand. We have since used several sets through our shop & have supplied many to other customers for private or trade use.

Just how good are these cylinders & pistons? Check the "shake-down" chassis Dyno Sheets of one of our custom-modified 2.4L 911 engines using 85mm Nickies & our own design Custom JE 10.5:1 pistons. This engine was built for road use & uses MFI, single ignition & premium pump fuel. Using customary conversion figures, the output of this engine is close to 100hp per litre!

Discover the secrets of Nickies™ & other LN Engineering products when you visit their website.

Once you place your order for LN Engineering products with us, we handle the rest. We arrange customs clearance, freight, insurance & delivery to your door (restrictions may apply for remote locations). All Porsche & Volkswagen enquiries are welcome.

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